How to make your own video player from scratch

The video-playing world is in a state of transition.In recent years, the video-player industry has been growing faster than any other industry, with a glut of new platforms and devices on the horizon.The rise of the tablet has also meant that there’s a lot of room for new hardware, and as we reported back in […]

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How to use Google Search for wrestling videos

You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to find a great wrestling video, and it’s no wonder why.Here are the best sites to find them on the web.1.WWE.com1.YouTube2.Youtube.com3.Google Video4.Vimeo5.VH1.Vixen6.YouTube7.YouTube.com8.YouTube, Facebook9.Google Play10.YouTube YouTube YouTube11.YouTube12.YouTubeVideos are great because they are often a direct response to an online comment, so it’s easy to see how it’s possible […]

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