How to get around the Google Search bar

People who use the search bar on the site they’re using to browse the internet might be surprised to find out that the search box does not actually show up on the page they’re looking at.As we’ve written about before, the search menu has become a way for websites to display a few of their […]

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How to convert Malayalam to English

Here is how to convert your Malayala site to English in your browser.(Read: Malayali translation site)Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country with a history of independence and a strong Muslim identity.However, its population is mostly Christian, with the vast majority of Malaysians in the country’s south-east.The country’s official language is Malay, and most Malaysians speak it.Many […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Using YouTube to Watch Porn

The Internet has become a hub for porn, and it’s not all good.The sites are a haven for creepy-crawlies, voyeurism, voyeurs and pedophiles, and they’ve also become a breeding ground for harmful content.But not everyone on the Internet agrees that the content is dangerous.So, why do you need to go to YouTube to watch porn?We […]

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