How to convert Malayalam to English

Here is how to convert your Malayala site to English in your browser.(Read: Malayali translation site)Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country with a history of independence and a strong Muslim identity.However, its population is mostly Christian, with the vast majority of Malaysians in the country’s south-east.The country’s official language is Malay, and most Malaysians speak it.Many […]

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How to watch gay wrestling at WWE video site

A source at the WWE video sites said the site that hosts the WWE Network’s gay wrestling video has been removed after a user posted an anti-gay message about the site.The user wrote that the site was hosting an “anti-gay website,” and that users who use the site should “remove this [sic] content.”The comment has […]

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Malayalam website banned from US due to content breach

A Malaysian website has been banned from the US due a security breach.Malaysia’s National Cyber Security Agency said in a statement that it was banning the video-sharing website Awasana, which allows users to share videos of themselves with a wide audience.The ban comes after the site was shut down by US authorities in December.Awaasana […]

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