How to watch porn without watching porn

Video sites like Pornhub and Vevo have come under fire for their use of video clips of adult content, which are often made available for free download on sites like Amazon.The videos are often of women’s sex scenes that are often shown as a “nude selfie” or a “blowjob selfie.”Now, a new study suggests that […]

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How to Watch the Most Extreme Sex Tape on Pornhub

Pornhub, the leading porn site, has partnered with Vivid Video to bring you the most extreme sex videos available.The videos are all tagged anal, with the tagline, “The Most Extreme Porn in the World.”The sites are based in a virtual hotel room.They’re equipped with cameras, a vibrator, and a remote to record the sex acts, […]

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What are the best anal video site links?

Pornhub is Australia’s largest sex-themed adult video site with more than 10 million visitors daily.It is home to sites including Bondage Video, The Big Dirty, The Dirty Cocks, The Blue Hornet, The Ball Room, and The Blue Collar.Pornhub also features adult video from a variety of other sites including, Big Daddy, Big Tits, Blue […]

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How to avoid anal rape

I was recently invited to a sex education class at a local college.I thought the instructor was trying to teach me about sexual consent, and as I was leaving, she said that if I didn’t feel comfortable doing so, I could just ask to leave. It was the first time I had ever felt like this, […]

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