Why is the word ‘murder’ being censored?

The word ‘Murder’ has been removed from Google’s search results and is currently being removed from sites that offer video.According to an article published on the internet news site Reddit, the word has been censored in Google’s results due to the negative reaction to the word.It has been deleted by default for the most recent […]

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Anonymized video site hosts a blowjob video

A video site hosting a blow job video is hiding behind a pseudonym to avoid detection by police.AnonymizedVideo.com is hosted on a server registered to a woman who lives in California, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.The video site was last checked in February.It’s the first time the police have found the site.“I think […]

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How to Stop Rape of a Child Online

By Robert RomanoThe Washington Times|Published|October 20, 2018|9:07AM|10:07 |This article is part of a special series on child sexual abuse and its effects on children.The topics covered in this series include:The impact of child sexual predators on our childrenThe impact on our communitiesThe impact the child predator community has on our societyThe impact child predators have […]

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What video sites are your favorites?

Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are big sites for the LGBT community, but many people who love those sites are also looking for gay content and content that is not related to them.That’s where gay video sites like Xvideos and GayVideos come in.Xvideos, which is owned by the same company that owns Vimeo, recently […]

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