Democrats are unveiling a new immigration proposal that could potentially help ease the burden of legal immigration.

The Senate Democrats unveiled a draft of their immigration plan Thursday that would give priority to immigrants who can support themselves financially.

The plan would make it easier for the country to reunite those in deportation proceedings, ease the enforcement of immigration laws and increase border security.

“These proposals represent an unprecedented shift in our nation’s immigration policy,” said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee.

“While this proposal represents the culmination of a decade of hard work and deliberation, it is not a done deal and we need your help to move forward.”

The draft, released to the public as a draft, does not include all the changes that Democrats hope to make.

It does not expand the number of visas that immigrants would need to be issued, and it does not make it more difficult for employers to hire and retain immigrants.

But it does include some important changes that Republicans have long sought, including an increase in the number, type and amount of green cards issued annually.

It also includes some changes to the visa system, including increasing the number and amount and granting a more limited set of green card visas to more people who have previously been granted visas.

The proposal would not require any additional visas be issued under the existing system.

Harris said she believes the draft plan is a good starting point for debate on the issue and she will work with other lawmakers to refine it.

She said she and other Democrats are focused on working with Trump on a broader immigration plan that they believe will pass the Senate.

Republicans are also working on a comprehensive immigration plan, which they say would add millions of legal immigrants to the country.

And they have introduced a version of their own proposal that includes many of the same reforms.