People who use the search bar on the site they’re using to browse the internet might be surprised to find out that the search box does not actually show up on the page they’re looking at.

As we’ve written about before, the search menu has become a way for websites to display a few of their search results on their front page.

Google does not show the search page on the search results page, so it’s not clear how the search field would appear if the page had a Google search bar.

Instead, the main menu on the website is shown at the bottom of the page.

The menu can be changed from the top of the screen, or from the side, depending on the screen size of your device.

You can access the main Google menu on your device from the bottom bar at the top right of the browser window.

If you’re using a larger screen, you’ll need to scroll down to the top bar to find the main Menu menu.

The main menu is also displayed in the bottom left corner of the Google search results.

It’s a handy way to access the search options on your browser, and there’s a shortcut button on the bottom right corner of your browser that lets you change the location of the search.

You’ll need a Google Chrome browser to use the main search menu.

To access the menu, click the Google menu button at the right of your search bar, and then click Settings .

In the search settings screen, click Advanced Search Options .

The search bar is shown on the top left.

Scroll down the menu to find a section called Advanced Search Settings.

From here, you can set various options that affect how Google displays search results, including which search engine you use and which search bar you can view.