Facebook’s video sit-up site for iPhone and Android will be shutting down, the company said today.

The website, dubbed ‘Video Stills’, was originally supposed to go live in June, but was pushed back to November, with the announcement of the shutdown on Twitter.

Facebook said that the site had experienced a technical issue, but added that it was unlikely the website would be back up before December.

It also said that it had implemented a new design, adding that users should check their news feed to see if the site is still up.

“We have fixed the issue,” the company wrote in a statement.

“Thanks for your patience while we work through the issues.”

Facebook said it would be taking down the site from the app store.

Users who purchased the app from the store would not be affected, according to Facebook.

The company said it had identified “several hundred” potential problems with the site and was working on fixes.

“This is a serious and critical problem that affects users and our team, and we are committed to addressing it as soon as possible,” it said.

Facebook users will be able to visit the site again in January, when the app is free.

The site was first announced in April last year.

Facebook was not immediately available for comment on Twitter, where users had expressed concern over the shutdown.

Twitter users have also voiced their concern about the site’s design, which was designed to look more like a blog.

Facebook and Twitter both declined to comment.

The Facebook and Instagram websites have seen a spate of privacy issues, with a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation saying that privacy violations were the top issue in the social network’s US.

The US is the most popular platform for mobile apps, and in 2016 the US National Security Agency began collecting metadata on users’ activity on both platforms.

Facebook’s problems have been the subject of a separate investigation by US authorities.

Facebook declined to give details of the technical issues with the website, which were identified by The Irish News.

The Irish Independent understands that the problem could have been caused by a bug in the app’s backend, but Facebook declined comment on the matter.

Facebook previously said that problems with its website could have led to the site being removed from the App Store.

The problems caused by the bug have been a huge headache for users, but also caused problems for the company.

The issues have also forced Facebook to take steps to improve its security, including adding new security features to help keep users safe.

The app was originally due to go free in June.