Next BigFuture was founded in 2014 by four young entrepreneurs to provide content for a variety of niche content providers including tickling video, porn, and Bollywood videos. 

Today, Next Big is one of the most popular content providers for tickling videos and is currently the only site that allows users to create their own videos to share with their friends. 

 The site was founded by four teenage boys in their home country of India, with the idea of providing content that was accessible to anyone with a smartphone. 

 Today, the site offers over 200 tickling and fetish videos and hundreds of videos of women who want to see what it’s like to be tickled by a real woman. 

As a result, users can upload their own tickling clips, watch them in real time on the site, and share them with their social networks. 

“The idea behind our site is to provide a platform for the community to share and share and sharing,” says Next Big founder and CEO Arvind Gupta.

“We’re building a community around our content and not making money out of it.

We’re making money because we want to make a difference in people’s lives and that’s what we’re doing.” 

The site is currently focused on tickling, fetish, and bollywood videos, with plans to expand to other genres in the future. 

According to Next Big, its audience is made up of more than 2 million people in over 20 countries. 

 “We’ve seen that women are not only attracted to our tickling content, but also our videos, because we provide so many other different kinds of entertainment,” Gupta told The Verge.

“That makes our site a perfect fit for women and the Bollywood community.” 

When asked about the site’s revenue model, Gupta said that it’s not profit-driven. 

Instead, Next BIG’s primary revenue source is its subscriptions to its YouTube channel. 

With a goal of providing a safe and secure platform for women to share their tickling experiences, Next BFG was founded on the belief that women would be more likely to share videos of their own experience if they were able to access a trusted platform. 

The creators of Next Big say they have a “toy” audience that has grown by leaps and bounds since their first videos were created, and that they hope to continue to grow the site to the point where the number of people watching their videos will be growing exponentially. 

Next Big also has a new site called Tickling Video where users can watch a variety video clips of real women who are tickling a toy. 

Tickling videos are created by women around the world and are shared by their friends and loved ones. 

When a user watches a video of a real female in a tickling scene, they are asked to send a photo of themselves in the video to the website, where the photo is uploaded and shared on Next Big’s site. 

At the moment, users are able to upload their tickled clips to their Facebook accounts, and then share them on the website. 

Other features on the new site include a section dedicated to the tickling community, where users have the option to comment on videos and rate videos, and a section where users are also able to share a video on their social media accounts. 

It’s not just the tickles that Next Big has to offer. 

Users are also offered an alternative to using a credit card to pay for their videos.

Users can also upload their clips to Next BGC for others to watch, which is what Gupta said he had in mind when creating the site.

“We want to bring the technology and technology to the audience so that they can enjoy what we create,” he said. 

Another feature that Next BG aims to bring to the table is the ability to embed clips on the tickle site. 

 This allows users in the ticklish community to embed their own content into their videos, allowing for a richer experience. 

For example, if a user wants to share some of their videos on their ticklish site, they can do so by adding a video to their tickle section. 

But this also makes it easier for viewers to share the content with friends. 

This feature was added to the site in a beta version, and Gupta hopes that it will eventually be available on all platforms. 

 Finally, users who are in the BGC channel can post their own clips to the channel to share on their personal channel. 

 These clips can then be shared by other members of the community, and if a viewer is in the channel, they will be able to vote on the clip they want to share. 

While the site doesn’t provide any monetization options for users, Gupta says that he’s looking forward to bringing the site online in the near future.