A YouTube user in Italy has been told that his video hosting site has been blocked by the company’s copyright holders, claiming that the site has violated their terms of service.

The video was taken by an anonymous user from the Italian football league, the Serie A side Napoli, who had uploaded a video to YouTube called “Nero, the player.”

A few hours later, YouTube removed the video from their platform.

According to the user, his account has been deactivated because the company believes that the video violates their terms.

Napoli president Mauro Vegni has been quoted as saying that he’s looking into the issue, but has yet to say whether the company will continue to allow him to host videos.

“We have been told by the copyright holders that the YouTube account belongs to them and we have to stop them.

This is a mistake, because we never agreed to be blocked on the grounds of the copyright.

I’ve had the message, ‘you cannot host your videos on YouTube.

You can’t post any videos,'” the user said in a post on the Napoli website.

“This is why I have taken it upon myself to take a stand.

I have already taken a decision, and I am not going to allow myself to be harassed.

I want to let you know that Napoli is not afraid of anything.”

The copyright holder in question, BPI, has already received more than 1.1 million complaints in Italy, the vast majority of which relate to YouTube.

BPI has denied the accusation that the company violates the terms of their service.

The Italian website La Repubblica reported that a representative from BPI was in contact with the Napoleonic club.

The representative told the newspaper that the issue was not about BPI’s terms of use, but about the company having to deal with a specific situation in Italy.