The copyright trolling claims are coming from a number of different sources, and according to Mashable, the site is at the center of them all.

The site has been the target of several copyright takedown notices in recent weeks, including a request for the site to remove a video clip of an Uber driver taking a nap on the street.

The video clip has since been taken down.

In response to that, a number copyright trolls are claiming the site will lose its users’ money and copyright on the video.

The troll also alleges that the site has violated the Fair Use doctrine.

But it’s not the first time the site’s users have been targeted by copyright claims.

Last week, Mashable discovered that copyright troll had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the site, accusing Mashable of copying a car video clip.

Mashable has not responded to Mashablog’s request for comment.

The copyright troll’s claims were brought against Mashable because the site hosted a video titled “Hottest car ever,” which Mashable’s host shared with the public.

The host then posted the clip on YouTube, earning the copyright troll a sizable payout from the copyright holder.

Mashabler posted a statement to Mashability saying, “The copyright troll is attempting to silence Mashable by taking away the right to use the car video footage to make a point.

This is why we are standing up to their illegal tactics.”

Mashable also reached out to Mashavist for comment and will update this article when we hear back.