Hot, sexy, and dirty: Pornhub is here to make sure your wife is in charge of her porn collection.

The porn giant has been cracking down on its adult video sites in recent months, and recently shut down the adult video site Naughty America, as well as the adult content hub Big tit movies trending video site Pornhub was also hit with a massive copyright lawsuit by the owner of the porn website ThePlayground, claiming that the site violated copyright laws.

While the lawsuit is currently pending, it looks like the porn giant’s decision to cut the sites off will affect not just its adult content but also its popular dating site, Pornhub.

The site has been on a downward trend, with its top five most popular sites now all falling under the domain NaughtyAmerica.

The company has been making changes to its sites in order to reduce the size of its adult and BDSM sites, but the company has apparently decided that its decision to shut down its adult sites is not enough.

In a statement posted on its website, PornHub explained its decision as follows:Naughty America was once one of the most popular adult sites on the internet, and was one of only three sites to ever be ranked number one on Pornhub at the time of its shutdown.

However, it has since been one of several sites that have been hit by a copyright infringement lawsuit from Big Tit Movies, which is owned by the former CEO of the adult film company ThePlayGround.

The lawsuit accuses Big Tit movies of being a “fraudulent and illegal” business, and accuses the company of failing to comply with copyright law.

It is worth noting that while Pornhub did have a number of sites ranked number five on PornHub, it was only ranked number four after the closure of NaughtyAmerican.

The lawsuit has been a long time coming, and is believed to have been filed by the company in June, according to a press release on ThePlaygrounds website.

However it seems the lawsuit has already been in the works for a while.

According to a lawsuit filed by ThePlayworld in August, the company’s owners, including the CEO of ThePlayland, filed the lawsuit in October 2015, a month before Naughty American shut down.

ThePlayWorld alleged that Big Tit studios are responsible for creating and distributing content on the sites, and that they have used the sites to “violate copyright law and harm its owners.”

The suit claims that Big Title studios have used ThePlayroom as a “bundling device” to distribute content across multiple platforms.

ThePlayworld also alleges that the “bundle of content” that ThePlayrooms site sells is “not only infringing on ThePornHub’s copyrights but also infringing upon ThePlaymaker’s copies of ThePornoHub’s copyrighted content.”

It’s worth noting however that in its press release, ThePlaylands attorneys didn’t say exactly what they were suing Big Tit for.

They did say that ThePronome and Big Tit were “failing to comply” with copyright laws, and “using their combined efforts to create and distribute illegal copies of ThePlayer and ThePanther.”

This isn’t the first time that Pornhub has taken a hardline stance on its sites.

Last year, the site shut down porn site ThePlayhouse for selling “unauthorized copies” of the site.

In March, the parent company of Pornhub announced that the porn site was going to be taken offline, citing copyright infringement issues that were “unacceptable.”

Pornhub, along with other adult content websites, was forced to shut its sites down as part of the merger agreement between Pornhub and its parent company, PornVid.