SAN FRANCISCO — A video movie site that was one of the first to release the shark attack-causing film The Cove was among several sites that were shut down in the U.S. due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, ABC News has learned.

The site, called SharkTune, was shut down by the Internet Entertainment Reserves of America on Monday afternoon.

The California-based organization that manages the site says it is now a closed-source, public-domain site that is not being monitored by authorities.

The U.K.-based organization, which is also a public-access site, says that it is taking the unprecedented step of ceasing operations.

It says that the site was shuttered due to threats to the lives of its employees and visitors.

The website also was not able to provide a statement about why it was shut.

SharkTune was founded in 2007, and it has been known to feature the likes of David Attenborough, the documentary filmmaker who has been an advocate for shark conservation, and the late Michael Jackson, the legendary singer.

It has also been criticized by some in the entertainment industry for promoting extreme and disturbing content that some have called too graphic.ABC News’ John Dolan and Josh Horowitz contributed to this report.