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(Read: Malayali translation site)Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country with a history of independence and a strong Muslim identity.

However, its population is mostly Christian, with the vast majority of Malaysians in the country’s south-east.

The country’s official language is Malay, and most Malaysians speak it.

Many of the countrys major cities and towns are packed with people of all faiths, and the language has become a powerful tool for the country.

Malay has a large and diverse Christian community, and its population has grown rapidly.

Malaysian Muslims make up about a fifth of the population, but they are often persecuted by the government and other Muslim groups.

The government has made efforts to ensure the protection of minorities, and it has made an effort to make it easier for people of different faiths to come together and discuss their differences.

For example, in 2011, Malaysia’s government introduced a new law that gave more rights to Malaysians who are of Christian or Muslim background, and made it easier to change the names of people of the same religion.

The law also included new requirements for Malaysians to obtain a passport and obtain a government-issued identity card, which allows them to get around the country easily.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are more than 11 million Malaysians.

Malaysians speak about 100 languages and have an array of traditions, customs and religions.

Malaysians are generally known for their cosmopolitanism, with their cultural diversity and cultural diversity in terms of religion and ethnicity.

The country has an estimated one million Christians, and a small Christian minority in Malaysia’s north-east and south-west regions, including the predominantly Muslim states of Sabah and Sarawak.

However, in recent years, many Christian families have started converting their homes and businesses to Christian-owned properties.

In 2016, the government created a religious community registry in the southern province of Johor Bahru, which was designed to protect Malaysians from being discriminated against in the event of their conversion to Islam.

The registry was launched to combat discrimination and discrimination against Muslims, Christians and other minority groups in the Muslim community.