An Apple source has revealed that Apple is preparing to introduce a new iPad and a new iPhone in the fall.

This news comes from The Verge’s sister publication, The Next Web, and is an important development in the company’s plan to push the iPad line out into the market.

The source also claims that Apple plans to introduce both new models at the same time, though Apple has yet to confirm these claims.

We already know that the next-generation iPad will be a premium product that will be available at a premium price, and the next iPhone will come in a much cheaper form factor.

But we don’t know much about the next iPad or iPhone, aside from that they will come with a larger display, be more powerful and feature a camera.

Both devices will also come with some new features, including wireless charging, wireless charging pads, faster charging and wireless charging support for the Apple Watch.

Apple has long been rumored to be working on an updated version of the iPad, with the iPad Air and iPad Mini first rumored to make an appearance.

Now, Apple is reportedly looking to make a more powerful version of this iPad, as well as some new cameras, processors and cameras for the next iPhones.

The source says Apple is planning to introduce the new iPad at the company, as opposed to introducing the new iPhone at the beginning of the year, when Apple will be announcing the new models.

However, we are still a few weeks away from Apple announcing the next iPads, so the timing of the announcement will be dependent on the availability of the new devices.

Apple’s rumored next iPad model could be a smaller iPad, or the first iPad with a bigger screen, or even a much larger iPad with the ability to charge your phone.

We’ve heard that the new iPads will have a 6-inch display, but the source has yet a confirmed launch date.