Next Big Futures, an educational technology company, has launched a video search site for teachers, as it aims to give students access to videos, audio and interactive content in a way that is as easy to navigate as possible.

The site, called Sita KalyanAM, will allow teachers to search videos, photos and videos from a variety of sources, from school and university archives to social media sites and news websites.

The startup said it aims for its service to be more than just a way for teachers to find content online, adding that it will also serve as a tool for students to interact with the content, share ideas and build learning experiences.

“This will be a great way to share your work with your peers,” said Mr Raman, the founder and chief executive of Sita.

“Teachers can use this site to find videos, images and other information, then share them on social media and share their own creations with their classmates.”

He added that Sita was planning to provide a range of video search options to teachers across a variety and variety of platforms.

“The video search experience will be designed to be as easy as possible, which will help teachers become more creative in their learning,” he said.

Teachers will be able to search by title, tag, location, time and more.

Mr Raman said the site will have a “high degree of user experience”, adding that teachers will be given a variety that will allow them to find the content they are looking for.

The search results will be presented in a variety a different language, such as English, French or German, he said, adding he hoped to have the site available by the end of this year.

Sitting volleyball has been one of the most popular sports in India, and the company said the launch of Sitan will be “a natural next step” for the sport.

The company has partnered with Flipkart to build a video site, which allows users to watch videos from Flipkarts’ content.