The site’s new ‘Cube Revolution’ section features more than 300 videos from the ‘Cubicles of Love’ video series, a new series which features short shorts that combine practical advice with humour and art.

Read moreHere are the videos that have been uploaded to Cube Revolution so far:The series began in 2012 and has now produced more than 100 shorts, many of which have been voted “most popular” in the channel’s “Cubicle Moment” category.

The shorts include:The original ‘Cubes of Love’:Watch the video series hereThe ‘Cubis of Love: The Series: The Beginning’ shorts:Watch the first two videos:Watch moreCubicles-themed ‘Cubetopia’ posters:Here are some of the shorts that have recently been added to Cube Revolutions ‘Cubotopia’ series.

The videos have been submitted by the site’s members and feature their own original work that is either humourous or insightful.

In addition to the videos from ‘Cubiec’ videos, Cube Revolution also hosts ‘Cubitopia’, ‘Cubic, Cube and Cubic Life’ videos.

Here are just a few of the videos on Cube Revisions ‘Cubo & Cubic’ series, featuring the original ‘Cube’ series shorts.

The original “Cube” shorts: Watch the first three videos: Watch moreCubic Life: The series: The first three clips:Watch all threeCubic & Cubiec videos: