A video from a Russian video-sharing website was stolen from an Apple TV user, leaving him to question whether the hacker was legitimate.

The video, titled “Laptop-cam selfie selfie,” was taken at a Starbucks in London on October 24.

It’s a quick video, about two minutes long, and shows the man and his wife talking in a cafe.

He says that he’s from Moscow, and that he works in the film industry, though the video is not yet available.

The man looks at his phone, and says that his wife was at Starbucks, but he doesn’t seem to know if she’s actually there.

He asks the man for a coffee, but it seems like he’s not getting any.

The man says that the two of them are on vacation, and they are going to meet up in a few days, but then he cuts the video.

The Apple TV was the first device that the hacker accessed.

The hacker then went on to take over other devices on the home screen of the Apple TV.

The video is currently available online for free.