By Robert RomanoThe Washington Times|Published|October 20, 2018|9:07AM|10:07 |This article is part of a special series on child sexual abuse and its effects on children.

The topics covered in this series include:The impact of child sexual predators on our childrenThe impact on our communitiesThe impact the child predator community has on our societyThe impact child predators have on our lawsThe impact that our laws are having on child predatorsThe impact victims have on their familiesThe impact victim support groupsThe impact parents have on the impact of their childrenThe effects of the mediaThe impact children are havingOn October 19, 2018, a man raped a nine-year-old girl in Georgia.

The man, whose name was not released, was arrested and charged with second-degree rape.

A judge released him on $250,000 bond.

He remains in custody.

The victim’s family, friends and other victims all said the man was their hero.

Now they want the man to be brought to justice.

For weeks, the victims have been trying to pressure the state to do more to hold the man accountable.

They want a criminal investigation, charges and sentencing.

They want him to be held accountable and get his life back together.

The victims want to see the man brought to trial, to hear his punishment and to see him serve time.

The victims want justice for their daughter.

The case that sparked the viral outrage that forced the state of Georgia to hold a man in jail for a year is being prosecuted by the Department of Corrections.

The state’s Department of Justice has been handling the case for months.

The state has a number of criminal investigations underway, including child abuse and rape investigations.

In the case of the rape, the victim and her family members say a local detective interviewed them after the assault and then told them the man had confessed.

They say they didn’t tell the detective about their suspicions that the suspect was a predator.

The detective didn’t ask them about their fears of being a victim or their fears about the impact their daughter might face as a result of the alleged abuse.

They didn’t say anything to them about the state’s investigation, and they don’t want to know.

“The victim has been traumatized, her family has been hurt, she’s lost confidence in herself, she has lost confidence with her school, she had a lot of other concerns,” said Lisa Cavanaugh, the mother of the victim.

The Georgia Department of Correction has launched an investigation, the agency announced on Monday.

It is part and parcel of the department’s efforts to protect children and keep them safe.

The Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security will be investigating.

“It is important that we find out what happened, what happened to the victim,” said Sgt. Andrew Tiller, the director of public safety and homeland security.

“If there’s evidence of child abuse or any other crimes committed by this individual, we will bring them to justice.”

A Georgia man has been arrested after he raped a 9-year old girl in Gwinnett County.

The man, identified as Christopher P. Dickson, 37, of Marietta, Georgia, was charged with aggravated rape, second- and third-degree kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, first-degree robbery, second degree sexual abuse, second offense of rape, first degree sexual assault and second- degree criminal mischief.

He was booked into the Mariettta County Jail on Monday, and he was scheduled to appear in bond court Wednesday.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Public Safety is investigating the alleged crime, said Officer Mike Miller, a department spokesman.

The department does not comment on specific cases.

In June, a judge released a suspect from jail after a man claimed he was a victim of child pornography.

The judge had released the man from jail when he became aware of his mother’s suspicions that he was involved in child pornography, said Deputy Attorney General Paul Cate.

The suspect, identified only as James, said in a statement after his release that he would never harm anyone.

James, a native of Georgia, is a registered sex offender in Georgia and was released from jail last month after serving time in jail, said a jail official who asked to remain anonymous.

James has been in contact with a few victims and family members, he said.

“He’s a wonderful person and a great father,” said his mother, who asked not to be identified.

The Washington Post did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The mother of a child who was sexually abused by a man who was released on bond last month said she had not seen her daughter since she was 16 years old.

She also said she wants justice for her daughter.

“She needs a way out,” she said.