A young girl’s dream has come true.

Her father is working as a wind consultant.

And he’s one of many people who know how to make a difference.

But one woman has her eye on the wind.

The wind is blowing so hard, she wants to do something about it.

So she’s joining forces with a group of young girls from Hawaii.

She’s hoping to build a wind farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

She wants to turn a wind turbine on the ocean and turn it into a tourist attraction.

She wants to create a buzz and build excitement for the island and her country.

And the wind is doing the rest.

In addition to helping the girls make the dream a reality, the group is hoping to make the world a better place for the children.

The girls, all from different parts of the country, are helping each other out with their projects.

It’s a group effort.

They all are working together to make this dream a possibility.

It’s not the first time that a group has taken on a challenge like this.

They’ve created a park in Kenya.

They’re creating a windmill in the Hawaiian Islands.

But for this, they’re making a whole new endeavor.

The girls have their own unique ways of making a difference, says Kelly Jones, the Hawaii wind program manager.

She says it’s a little bit like creating a business, where they want to help the community.

The goal of the project is to bring the girls together and to create the buzz and excitement that she’s looking for.

“We have a lot of girls in the community, so it’s not something that I would have done if I didn’t have the opportunity to do it,” Jones says.

Jones says it started with an idea that she had in mind.

She saw wind turbines being built all over the country and thought, well, let’s build a little park on the island.

Jones said the girls are thrilled to be part of the Hawaii project.

They see it as a chance to help make Kauai a better part of their lives.