Tushard Kapoor, known for his role as a superhero, has died at the age of 74.

His body was found in the sand at a popular beach in Patan district of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday.

He was in poor health, his family said.

A friend, Arjun Sharma, said, “He was a man who was not afraid of anything.

His family is in shock.

He had no illness.

He always made sure that the people around him were well.”

Kapoor was married to actor Arundhati Bhatt, who played the title character in films such as ‘Mangala’ and ‘Dirty Love’.

He also had a son, Sharmila, who is now a model.

He made his directorial debut with a feature film in 1970.

The actor, who also appeared in films like ‘Babaji’ and the ‘Tubal’ trilogy, had a long and distinguished career in film, television and theatre.

He also played a key role in the making of the first movie in Tamil cinema, ‘The Jungle Book’.

The actor was also a leading role in a number of television series including ‘Pallavi’, ‘Surya’, ‘Bengaluru’ and “Sangam”.

His role in ‘Tango & Cash’ was a hit and he won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of an aspiring actress.

He was also one of the most recognisable faces in Tamil movies, especially ‘Aamir Khan’, ‘Kissing’ and others.

Kapur had also appeared as a guest in TV dramas including ‘Boomerang’, ‘Pilayatiyar’, ‘Rishabhbhai’ and many others.

In a tweet on Wednesday, his daughter, Shubhani, said: “He never let anyone take his life.

My dad was my inspiration.

I love him.”

In addition to Kapur, other big names in Tamil films include Tarun Kapoor (The Jungle Story), Taranisha Thakur (The Big Bang Theory), Manish Joshi (The Girl From Nowhere) and Gajendra Chauhan (Poonam).