On a day when the Middle East was gripped by protests against the government of Bashar al-Assad, a video surfaced online showing a masked man with a gun at a concert by Lebanese singer Mariam, who had performed before the security forces.

It showed the masked man wearing a black hoodie with a black mask, as well as black gloves, a black balaclava, and a black wig.

The video was posted by a person claiming to be from the group known as Drones of Syria, a reference to the Syrian government drone strikes that are currently being used to target civilians and protesters.

The masked man in the video, whose face was obscured, wore a white scarf around his face, a red jacket over his white shirt, and black trousers with white stripes.

A voiceover said the video was taken at the concert, in the Damascus suburb of Qaboun, on October 23, and was filmed by the group’s cameraman.

The footage has since been removed from YouTube and the group has yet to respond to requests for comment from The Jerusalem News.

The group, whose members have also filmed the arrest of Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, has claimed responsibility for the video.

“We don’t care about the human rights violations in the world, we only care about Syria and the state that has taken the life of our father and brother, said the masked gunman, who also spoke Arabic.

He was not identified.

The world has already started supporting the terrorist regime,” he added. “

The whole world is against Assad.

The world has already started supporting the terrorist regime,” he added.

“There’s no need for the people of the world to take sides.”

In a statement on Monday, Diversified Media said the group had removed the video because of concerns about its content.

“Due to a security concern, Dims media has decided to remove this video from its platform,” the group said.

The statement said the videos had been taken at different times over the course of a day, with “many different sources and perspectives” contributing to the decision.

It said the clips were taken “by a person who is known to be affiliated with Dims Media.”

A video posted to YouTube on October 24 shows a masked gunman in a black coat and black gloves walking alongside two men, holding a rifle.

It was filmed from a distance and posted on October 25.

In the video released on October 26, a man wearing black and a scarf can be seen at the back of a car, with his hands on the hood.

The man with the rifle, identified as Khaled al-Qasrawi, is seen driving a car.

A third man can be heard shouting, “We are fighting against Bashar al Assad.”

Qasraws brother, Hassan, said his brother was involved in protests against Assad in Damascus, which he described as “a state that murders and tortures its own people.”

“He’s in prison and in jail now.

He’s going to be tortured and he’s going be killed.

That’s why we are fighting,” Hassan Qasrawi said.

“I’m not sure why he has a weapon.

He has a gun.

I’m not surprised, I’m surprised because the whole world hates Assad.”

He added that Dims had received threats since the video emerged.

“When they [the security forces] were killing my father, we had to use weapons to defend ourselves,” Hassan said.

According to an August 2012 statement from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 300,000 people were killed by security forces during the uprising that began in March 2011, including nearly 400 civilians.

The government of President Bashar al-‘Assad has been accused of committing human rights abuses and crimes against humanity.

According the Observatory, the security services have killed more than 400,000 civilians and rebels.

The UN human rights office said in a report in July that “the Syrian government, security services and their allies have committed a massive human rights violation in the country and internationally.”

The Syrian government has been widely criticized for the use of chemical weapons during the Syrian conflict, which has killed more on the ground than any other conflict in the region.

The Syrian conflict began in 2011 as peaceful protests against a pro-democracy uprising in the Arab country’s north, but has since descended into violence and bloodshed.

On Tuesday, the US Treasury Department said that a Syrian government missile hit a UN aid convoy in northern Syria.

The US State Department said in an official statement that “a Syrian government military aircraft struck a UN convoy carrying humanitarian assistance in the northern province of Idlib on Tuesday, and that the humanitarian aid convoy was damaged and destroyed.”

The UN said in late February that the number of Syrian government troops killed in the conflict stood at 2,068.

The conflict has displaced millions of people.