India, the United States and the United Nations are set to hold their first meeting of the joint terrorism prevention and response task force (JPTTF) this week in New York.

The meeting is part of the new US-India-UN joint terrorism task force.

JPTTF is a joint effort of the governments of India, United States, Pakistan and China to combat terrorism across borders.

It was announced in February last year.

The JPTFT comprises four countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and China.

The countries are currently the main regional actors in the global war on terror.

In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the three countries agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism and promote peace and security across borders and on the ground.

They agreed to further work together to strengthen and expand joint and regional counter-terrorism cooperation and to work with partners and stakeholders in the region to counter violent extremism, terrorism, and other forms of radicalisation.

The three countries also agreed to coordinate their efforts to address the growing global threat of radicalised young people and increase cooperation in countering radicalisation and terrorism.

The joint task force is tasked with identifying and addressing regional and global challenges faced by the countries and their nationals, including the migration of youth to extremist ideologies.

The task force has also undertaken to build and enhance a common strategic plan and framework for countering the global threat from terrorism.