Pornhub, a site that lets people watch videos that they’ve paid for, is making a deal with YouTube.

The site is announcing a new subscription service that will provide users with up to six free videos per month.

That’s a big change from the standard monthly fee of $3.99 for the company’s current offering of up to 40 free videos.

It also means that Pornhub will become a popular destination for free video streaming.

The service will also let Pornhub users upload videos that are then made available for free to their followers.

The videos will be made available on Pornhub’s homepage for users to view and comment on, and will be accessible from the Pornhub mobile app.

“Pornhub is committed to bringing the best content to you and giving you a great experience on the platform,” Pornhub CEO Tom Stoppelman said in a statement.

The new service will cost $4.99 a month for people who pay for Pornhub videos through its site.

It will also include a “video tier” where users will pay $3 for up to one video per month, and $1 for up the video to six videos per week.

The content will be available on the site’s homepage and in the mobile app, and users will be able to search for videos to watch.

Pornhub also plans to add a video-only tier for its subscribers, and to add video editing tools to its site in the coming months.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with YouTube to deliver the best video content on the internet for our loyal community of users,” PornHub founder Chad Hurley said in the company statement.

“Our partners at YouTube have been an important part of making this site what it is today, and we are looking forward to making it even better in the future.”