YouTube has been trying to fix a bug that caused YouTube videos to appear after the video had finished playing.

The Google newsfeed now displays a brief message when you have the video playing, rather than just the main content.

That message is different to what you’d normally see if you clicked on a YouTube link and then opened it, rather the content itself.

Google said it had noticed that people who had opened YouTube videos were not able to access them for a number of days.

In its YouTube newsfeed, the message is displayed instead of the main title, and there’s also a new message that says “This YouTube video will appear as an ‘official’ video on the YouTube website when it is posted in the next 24 hours”.

“This message is an indicator that YouTube is currently accepting new videos,” Google said.

“This is a feature that YouTube has not rolled out yet.

YouTube will automatically display a message at the bottom of the YouTube video page if a new video has been posted within the past 24 hours.”

The new feature is not available on Google News, which is still available for Google+ users, but Google News users can access the new feature in YouTube’s YouTube app.

“To see the new Google News feed, you can click on the banner below the Google News button on the top right of the Google homepage,” YouTube said.

“Then you can scroll to the top of the page to see a summary of the new features.”

The Google News feeds are updated on a regular basis, so you can also get the latest news and other updates directly from Google.

“YouTube also said it was working on adding new content to the Google+ community.”

YouTube is working on a bunch of new features, including adding new videos and other new content in the Google Plus community,” YouTube’s head of product development, Justin Smith, said.