A source at the WWE video sites said the site that hosts the WWE Network’s gay wrestling video has been removed after a user posted an anti-gay message about the site.

The user wrote that the site was hosting an “anti-gay website,” and that users who use the site should “remove this [sic] content.”

The comment has since been deleted.

The source also said that WWE has since taken down the site, but not before a user reported it to the site’s developer.

In an email, a spokesperson for WWE told us, “We are aware of a complaint from one of our users regarding the WWE Site.

This issue was addressed immediately, and we are working to identify and take steps to rectify it.”

The site is hosted on an Apple server, so it is not clear if the incident is connected to any recent changes in Apple policies.

In a statement, a WWE spokesperson told us that the company is investigating.

“We’re aware of this issue, and have taken steps to address it.

We take our responsibility to our fans very seriously, and our policies are designed to ensure that we take the safety of our fans and staff seriously, including making sure that we have the most appropriate, effective, and effective means to address any issues that arise,” the spokesperson said.

“Our policies include a provision that prohibits content that we believe is threatening to or encourages violence against others or promotes hate, intolerance, or discrimination.

We encourage our fans to use our site responsibly.”

The WWE Network is the company’s most popular video platform, with more than 7.2 million subscribers and counting.

The network is available on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, and is available for download through apps such as Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Video.