Google Play is a video streaming platform that allows users to stream content from various sources.

But the app isn’t the only video streaming service that allows you to watch a game from a home screen or from anywhere in the world.

Here are 10 video streaming sites that let you stream NFL Sunday Night Football from Google.1.

Google Play TV: Go to Google Play and sign in to your Google account.

Select the Google Play app icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select “Watch” from the top navigation menu.2.

Google Now: Go into Google Now and search for “NFL Sunday Ticket.”3.

Go to the Google News section and scroll down to “NFL” and scroll up to “Week 1,” then click “Get Started.”4.

YouTube: Sign in to YouTube.5.

Google TV: Click on the “Go to this site” link on the left side of the homepage and click on “Live Stream NFL.”6.

YouTube Live: From the Google TV app, go to “Go To” and click “Live.”7.

Amazon Video: Open the Amazon Video app and then tap “Go” in the top menu.8.

WatchESPN: On the left, tap “More” and then “More from ESPN.”9.

ESPN app: Select the ESPN app icon and then select “Go.”10.

Watch ESPN on mobile: From Google Play, open the Google+ app and tap “Follow.”11.

Apple TV: Open iTunes, then tap on “More,” then “Apple TV.”12.

AppleTV: Open “Apple tvOS,” then select the “AppleTV” app.13.

Roku: Open Roku, then select your Roku device.14.

Apple Remote: Open your Apple TV remote, then click on the remote icon.15.

Amazon Fire TV: Connect to your Amazon Fire television device and then connect to “Amazon TV” from anywhere.16.

Amazon Appstore: Open Amazon App Store and then search for a video on “NFL Sundays.”17.

Amazon Prime Video: On Amazon Prime, click on a video and then click the “Watch Now” button.18.

Netflix: On Netflix, click “More.”19.

Amazon Instant Video: Go back to your Netflix home screen, then open the Amazon Instant Videos app.20.

Amazon Vudu: On Vudus, search for the video and click the next video.21.

Amazon Cloud Player: On Cloud Player, click the icon on the top right corner and then scroll down.22.

YouTube Play: On YouTube, go into the video stream page and then choose “Go Live.”23.

Apple Music: On Apple Music, go back to the home screen and click back to “Music.”24.

Apple News: On Google News, click News.25.

Amazon Alexa: Go onto the Google Home app and select the Google Assistant.26.

Netflix on Amazon Fire: Go towards the bottom of the page and select Amazon Fire devices.27.

Amazon Web Player: Go in the home page and search “Play” from “Play Store.”28.

Amazon Music: Go through the “Play Music” menu and then to the right of it.29.

Amazon Kindle: Go directly to the top of the home menu.30.

Netflix On Apple TV or Android TV: On your Apple device, go directly to “More on Apple TV.”31.

Google Cloud: Go straight to the “cloud” page and sign into Google.32.

Google Plus: Go on Google Plus.33.

Amazon Play Movies: Go direct to the Amazon Movies app and search.34.

Amazon GameStop: Go under the Amazon Game Stop app and go to the game shop.35.

Amazon TV: From your TV, open “Amazon Fire TV.”36.

Amazon Chromecast: Go from the Chromecast app.37.

Amazon Watch: Go right to the Home page and go into “Watch.”38.

Amazon Echo: Go up to the main menu and tap the “Alexa” button to start the Alexa service.39.

Amazon Go: Go down to the bottom and go directly into the Google search page.40.

Amazon Air: Go over to the Air app and sign up for a free trial.41.

Apple Pay: Go forward to “Pay With Apple” and sign back in to the Apple Pay app.42.

Amazon Mobile: Go toward the bottom, then go right.43.

Amazon iBooks: Go at the top, then you will be able to see all of your books.44.

Amazon Photos: Go next to “Photos,” then go to Library.45.

Amazon Books: Go immediately to the books section.46.

Amazon Movies: Get to the Movies section.47.

Amazon Weather: Go all the way to the left and then go back down.48.

Amazon HomeKit: Go and then sign into your Amazon account.49.

Google Drive: Go ahead and sign out.50.

Amazon Dashboard: