A Malaysian website has been banned from the US due a security breach.

Malaysia’s National Cyber Security Agency said in a statement that it was banning the video-sharing website Awasana, which allows users to share videos of themselves with a wide audience.

The ban comes after the Awasanasa.com site was shut down by US authorities in December.

Awaasana was also shut down last year by a Malaysian court for violating the countrys cyber laws.

The site’s owner was also banned from using the Awaasana name in the US, according to the US-based advocacy group TechFreedom.

“While the Awasias.com domain name was previously registered in the United States, the domain name has since been registered in a number of other jurisdictions around the world,” TechFreedom said in its statement.

“As a result, the Awasinas.org domain name is currently under a suspension of use, pending the outcome of an investigation.”

Malaysian authorities have accused Awasans of being involved in a series of scams and fake news, with some videos posted by the Awanas.net site showing people being deceived.

In a video uploaded last month, a man who claimed to be a security expert described Awasan as the largest provider of online fraud prevention services.

“You can’t get rid of it,” the man said.

“You can only destroy it.”

Awasana is not the only Malaysian website being blocked by US officials.

On Tuesday, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told Reuters that it had blocked Awasasan from using its US domain name because it was not registered in Malaysia.

It said the Awasuan.com service was “an extension of a larger, non-Malaysias-based web hosting service that operates out of the US.”

The Awasaman.com website was shuttered in December by US immigration officials.

In March, a US court sentenced Awasaman to five years in prison for running an illegal business in the country.

The case was brought by a man named Samra Hamzah.

Awasamans lawyer said in court documents that he was unaware that Awasams domain name had been registered by another company in the Philippines.

“The Awasiasc.com name is a wholly-owned and controlled trademark of Awasamaan, Inc. and the Awascan.org name is owned and controlled by a different company,” the court documents said.

“In other words, the trademark and domain name cannot be used for purposes of resale.”