Google has launched a new YouTube video search feature that will allow users to search for videos by genre, time and title.

The feature, which will launch today, is designed to provide a more comprehensive search for YouTube videos.

It will be able to show users more video-related content in the search results than currently exists, and will let them view more videos that have been removed from the site.

The new feature is only available on YouTube, Google said, and Google will make it available for other video sites as well.

YouTube also said it is adding a new feature to its search engine that will automatically show video descriptions of videos that are banned or subject to takedown notices.

The new feature will be rolled out to other search engines and other video websites later this month.

Google’s new YouTube search feature will also be available to search by genre.

It currently shows videos by category.

The search feature comes as YouTube is facing a growing list of copyright and trademark violations from content creators who claim they have been targeted by the site’s search algorithms.

The search feature was also added to YouTube’s other video site and video news section earlier this year, along with a video player and other content management tools.

Google said in January it would start working with copyright owners to improve the search algorithms it uses to determine which videos are suitable for search.