Video is the most popular video platform for online consumers and advertisers alike, and Google Plus is set to make its first foray into the video content market with the launch of its new video platform.

Google Plus launched last week, with video sharing available through a variety of platforms including the new YouTube app.

However, this is not the first time that Google has taken a stand on video and video sharing.

In June, Google removed its video sharing from its Google Photos app due to concerns about content quality and privacy, and earlier this year, Google began removing its video video app from its search results for searches related to video.

With the launch, Google has opened the door for its YouTube app to be used in new ways and is set in a new direction with its video platform that will include a video player, video uploads, and video playback.

Google says that its new platform will include videos that can be watched by anyone on the internet and will also allow the use of “uncut” video to “save time.”

“Uncut video will be the standard across YouTube,” says a Google spokesperson.

“This is because we want to allow for a more personalized experience for users, to enable a more personalized video experience.”

Uncut videos are not necessarily videos that have been cut from a commercial or public video, but instead, are clips that are created in a non-commercial manner.

Google says that YouTube will not require that videos be professionally edited.

YouTube has a number of tools to let users curate videos, including the YouTube Video Search and the Video Player, and the company also recently launched a feature called Video Search to allow users to search for video clips in the Google Video app.

YouTube will be launching this new platform at the end of this month, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on its launch as we learn more.

Source: The Hindu